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The service lets you retrieve phone numbers, addresses, closing times and other details relating to these categories of services will help you to identify the exact position on municipal maps. Clicking on the headings you can consult the information associated with them.

German Familes Association

Address here: Munich


UK CCHS Support Group

Address here: 24 Larners Road, Dereham, Norfolk, UK

Phone #.  +44 (0)1362 696 509



Spain families' association

Address here: Madrid

Phone #.  +34965791035


tips: Antonio Ribes

A.I.S.I.C.C. - Associazione Italiana per la Sindrome da Ipoventilazione Centrale Congenita

Address here: Via Ungheria, 850126 Firenze

Phone #.  +39 055 6531900  - fax number. +39 055 6531900


tips: 055 6531900

Centre de Référence du Syndrome d'Ondine

Address here: Hôpital Robert Debré 48 Boulevard Sérurier - 75019 Paris

Phone #.  +33  - fax number. +33

tips: web site


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